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BOBOVR M2 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap For Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset

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About BOBOVR M2 Pro Strap For Oculus Quest 2

  • Upgrade your Oculus Quest 2: The BOBOVR M2 Plus Twin Battery Combo version offers an upgrade to your Oculus Quest 2, providing improved battery life and reduced pressure on the face.
  • Revolutionary Design: The head strap has been designed with a gravity balance system which evenly distributes the weight of the product to reduce pressure on the face.
  • Flexible and Comfortable: The headrest is flexible and adaptable to different head sizes, reducing sliding and featuring a replaceable honeycomb pad for a secure fit.
  • Convenient Charging: The 5200mah B2 battery pack can be easily swapped and charged while the headset is still on, eliminating the need to remove the headset for charging.
  • Continuous Power Supply: Dual charging stations and 2 B2 battery packs enable continuous cycle charging and power supply.
  • Wear it all day: The halo style design makes it easy to wear and comfortable for extended periods of time.
  • Oculus Quest 2 Compatible: The BOBOVR M2 Plus Head Strap is specifically designed for use with Oculus Quest 2.
  • One-handed operation and easy to charge: The magnetic connection design makes charging operation easy and can be done with one hand.


Why You Need To Upgrade Your QUEST2 With this Battery Pack Head Strap?

Upgrade to the ultimate VR experience with the BOBOVR M2 Pro Strap for Oculus Quest 2. The dual battery version, M2 Plus Twin Battery Combo, not only reduces pressure on the face with its distributed design of gravity balance, but also improves battery life by powering the Quest 2. The M2 Plus is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the product in different positions of the head, reducing pressure on the face, and significantly smaller head strap which only weigh 140g, reaching the sweet spot for fore and aft balance.

The newly designed flexible headrest and PU leather pad conform to different head sizes, reducing sliding and providing a secure fit. The PU leather pad is soft and comfortable, and it can effectively improve the comfort when wearing the headset. The M2 Plus also features magnetic Hot-Swap technology, allowing for easy charging on-the-go. With this feature, you can charge the battery pack at any time without taking off the headset.

The recirculating Power Supply System with dual charging stations and 2 B2 battery packs for continuous power supply. The dual charging stations and 2 B2 battery packs enable continuous cycle charging and power supply. This means that you don't need to remove the helmet to charge during the game, and the magnetic connection design makes it easy to charge with one-handed operation.

Say goodbye to facial pressure and discomfort with the BOBOVR M2 Plus Head Strap. Its halo style design is as comfortable as wearing a baseball cap, making it perfect for all-day use. With the added benefit of powering the Quest 2, this head strap is a must-have for any VR enthusiast. It's perfect for long VR sessions, and it can help you to reduce the feeling of fatigue on your face.

Get the best VR experience for your head shape with BOBOVR's newly upgraded back of the head pad, which is adaptively adjustable to different head shapes. The flexible support material and PU leather pad provide maximum comfort, and the additional set of honeycomb silicone pads give you the option to choose the perfect pad for your needs. The honeycomb pad is made of silicone material, which is more breathable and can effectively dissipate heat.



The BOBOVR M2 Pro Strap for Oculus Quest 2 is the perfect choice for VR enthusiasts who want to improve their VR experience. With its comfortable and secure fit, improved battery life, and easy charging, this head strap is sure to take your VR experience to the next level. Order now and experience the ultimate VR experience with the BOBOVR M2 Pro Strap for Oculus Quest 2.


Featuring a newly upgraded back of the head pad, this head strap is integrally injection-molded with a flexible support material that allows for easy adjustments to the up and down inclination angle. This means it can be adaptively adjusted to the shape of the back of the head of different groups of people, providing a comfortable wrapping feeling and reducing pressure on the head.

The head strap is also equipped with a PU leather pad that effectively improves comfort when wearing the headset. The material is soft and breathable, reducing sweating and discomfort during long-term use.

Upgrade your VR experience with the BOBOVR PLUS series head strap - designed to understand and conform to the unique shape of your head for ultimate comfort.

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Customer FAQ

Question: My friend is worried that the battery might fall off with strong motion because he thinks the magnet wont be strong enough to hold it in place?
Answer: I just put it on and shook my head back and forth and up and felt like my head was going to fall off before the battery would...

Question: If this just slides onto the headset, how does it not just slide off?
Answer: The fit on the headset is extremely tight. It takes a bit to get it on there all the way. Absolutely no worries if it just coming off on accident.

Question: While batteries are charging, can you also charge the quest2 out of the battery using the included short usbc cable,from the battery to the quest2?
Answer: We do not recommend this operation. We come with 2 battery packs, and the included charging stand can supply power to 2 battery packs at the same time. For normal operation, please magnetically attract the battery pack directly to the Quest2. If the battery pack is exhausted, please Replace with another battery pack, w… see more

Question: Does this fit inside the Quest 2 Travel Case? (with device and controllers)
Answer: No, but still worth it.




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